Delectable holidays in Kuchl near Salzburg

Kuchl is located in a region filled with culinary delights, regional specialties and farm-fresh foods. As you explore the Tennengau region, be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to sample two particular products that have received national and international recognition: Tennengau Almkäse cheeses and Tennengau mountain lamb. In addition, 18 participating "Genuss" restaurants, 8 cheese huts, 6 cheese dairies and 7 "Genuss" partners invite you to discover the many palate-pleasing highlights of Tennengau.

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Tennengau Almkäse Cheese & Tennengau Mountain Lamb

For generations, in Tennengau the local cheese huts and mountain cheeseries have been taking only the highest-quality milk and turning it into cheese, investing boundless skill and love in every step of the process. And that's something you can clearly taste: the cheeses waiting to be discovered range from mild to full-flavored, from cow's to goat's milk, whatever you are in the mood for.

Kuchl is home to a very special cheesery in fact: From the nutrient-rich milk of Jersey cattle, Bio-Hofkäserei Fürstenhof produces 30 delicious varieties of raw-milk cheese. The purest milk and select herbs result in a unique taste and the reassurance you are enjoying the absolute best organic cheese on the market!
The whey created during cheese production is also used to make marvelously beneficial cosmetics, pampering and caring for your skin with the best nature has to offer.

Tennengau Mountain Lamb is yet another culinary specialty of the region. At a number of certified restaurants, this delicious meat is prepared into mouth-watering dishes, while your favorite cuts can also be purchased farm-direct for you to take home and prepare in your own kitchen.


"Genuss" Restaurants & Partners

JadorferwirtThe 18 participating "Genuss" restaurants in Tennengau offer a wide selection of dishes: hearty, traditional, creative, and even internationally acclaimed cuisine. Sample your way down the menu and enjoy to the absolute max everything this region has to offer. That said, all of the dishes do have something in common: seasonal, regional products that are plated deliciously and teach the meaning of "enjoyment".

Gasthof Jadorferwirt in Kuchl is one of the Tennengau region's partner restaurants. The Ramsauer family serve you beautifully prepared regional ingredients in an atmosphere that blends modern with traditional.


"Tennengau Genuss Vouchers"Tennengau "Genuss Vouchers"

Give an extra helping of enjoyment! With the Tennengau Gourmet Vouchers you always know you have chosen well.
Genuss Vouchers are redeemable at 40 Gourmet Partners in Tennengau, adding that extra-special "something" to your dining experiences. Whether at a mountain cheesery or a toque-awarded restaurant, at a partner business or restaurant - your loved-ones can choose for themselves when and where they wish to redeem their vouchers!
Genuss Vouchers can be purchased at Kuchl Tourist Office.