Here in Kuchl, not just a slogan - a vibrant part of our daily lives.


Business, research, educational & cultural institutions and, last but not least, the people of Kuchl themselves: All are united as part of Holzgemeinde Kuchl. A true competency center in "all things wood", our town has made a name for itself far beyond our borders.

Wood is always guaranteed to take us down the right path. A fact borne out by  the Holzfest we host every 3 years. Hosted last by the "Holzgemeinde Kuchl" association in 2013, on the 3 days of the festival over 25,000 visitors followed the call of wood!
You can find a retrospective of the event here!

The "Wood Experts" of Holzgemeinde Kuchl:

  • some 300 wood-processing businesses in Kuchl  
  • unique educational institutions including Holztechnikum Kuchl, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, the Interior Design School and State Vocational School
  • ProHolz Salzburg and Holzcluster
  • numerous business and tourism partners
  • the village council and citizens of Kuchl themselves

"Holzgemeinde Kuchl" Association
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