Historical jewel and popular local recreation area  

Church on the Georgenberg  Discover Georgenberg Natural Monument: a popular destination for families, nature lovers and walkers.

Stroll along pleasant pathways around and up the mountain, and spend as much time as you want at numerous spots that are bathed in sunshine.
From the "Bergl", you are able to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Salzburg basin and the imposing alpine world around Kuchl.
Whether big or small, there is so much here for everybody to discover!


The History of the Georgenberg

For history buffs, the Georgenberg is a truly unique treasure. It recounts the course of human history, from earliest continuous settlement dating all the way back to the Neolithic period, to various sacred buildings including today's church, St. Severin's, the miracles that Severin is said to have performed, the "Cucullae" Roman road station and much more.

A booklet about "The Georgenberg" special exhibition provides clear, comprehensive information about the long history of this mountain.

  Church tower on the Georgenberg

Saint Severin and the Georgenberg

As we read the story of the life of St. Severin, we see that he was actually in Kuchl on two occasions between 470 and 475 A.D. He preached and is said to have performed miracles here. Researchers work on the theory that the "Castellum Cucullis" was actually located here on the Georgenberg and that St. Severin visited the early-Christian church located there.

Today, sites commemorating St. Severin are widespread: the Severin Linden, Severinplatz square, a bridge stone and a bridge statue all attest to a long tradition of Severin veneration.


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