Where art and health combine in glass  

In Monika Riedl's Glass Manufactory, art and health, but also beauty and aesthetics unite in the form of unique glass creations. Each one truly unique unto itself.

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The ancient craft of glass making is infused with new knowledge by Monika Riedl, right there in front of her open glass-furnace. The result is artworks made of glass that are also good for your health. Watch this artisan as she goes about her work next to the stove and feel the strength of the crystalline healing energy.


Glass statue
Offers at the Crystal Manufactory  
  • Open glass-furnace
  • Extraordinary glass pieces  
  • Seminars
  • Glass-blowing for big & small  
Glass-blowing for big & small  

Here at the Crystal Manufactory, you can also become an artist in glass!
With a bit of instruction and assistance from glass-maker Monika Riedl, you will be able to design your own glass globe colored however you prefer.

Monday - Friday: 9 - 12 a.m. & 2 - 6 p.m.
€ 15 per globe  
Registration requested.


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Monika Riedl Crystal Manufactory
Garnei 147 b
5431 Kuchl

Tel.: +43 6245 707 87
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