Excursion destination at the foot of the Watzmann

Berchtesgadener Land is proud to proclaim itself the "Pearl of the Alps". Discover its picturesque attractions and historical locations at the foot of the mighty Watzmann.

  • Dokumentationszentrum
  • Kehlsteinhaus
  • Rossfeld Panorama
  • Sankt Bartholomae

Just a half-hour drive from Kuchl, you will discover an array of famous sights and attractions that definitely make a visit to our Bavarian neighbors worthwhile. Glorious mountain panoramas, crystal-clear lakes and a rich history are all just waiting to be discovered. Allow us to share some of our Berchtesgadener Land highlights with you.

Five Top Attractions in Berchtesgaden
  • Königssee & St. Bartholomä
    Nestled between imposing mountain massifs lies crystal-clear Lake Königssee with its famous pilgrimage church, St. Bartholomä.
    And as you take the ferry ride out to the peninsular, be sure to pause and listen to the astonishing echo.

    Info about the Königssee and the ferry timetable  


  • Kehlsteinhaus
    Perched on a rugged rocky outcropping is the historical Kehlsteinhaus, still preserved in its original form.
    From what is today a mountain inn, you are able to enjoy amazing panoramic views out across Berchtesgadener Land.Dokumentationszentrum Ausstellung


  • Dokumentation Obersalzberg
    At Dokumentationszentrum Obersalzberg, visitors at this historical location can grapple with the many troubling aspects of National Socialism.


  • Rossfeld Scenic RoadRossfeldpanoramastraße
    The Rossfeld dominates the skyline as seen from Kuchl, while the winding scenic road is visible from far away. This road, which can be driven year-round, presents you with beautiful views of Salzach Valley, the imposing Hoher Göll massif, as well as the surrounding alpine world.
    From the Ahornkaser car park, a 90-minute hike will bring you to the Purtschellerhaus.


  • Jennerbahn
    From Königssee, you can enjoy a pleasant ride in the gondola up to the mountain station on the Jenner. Numerous hiking paths for various tours, long or short, lead you into the very heart of Berchtesgaden National Park. Or simply enjoy the amazing views from the sun-terrace in front of the restaurant next to the lift.