Kuchl - a hiking area brimming with variety in the heart of the Salzburg mountains

The area surrounding Kuchl couldn't possibly be a more wonderful spot to go hiking, offering everything from easy walks and pilgrimage paths to exciting alpine trails: Pack your rucksack, slip into your hiking boots and off you go, through green meadows and fragrant forests up to friendly mountain huts.


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The sun rises above the peaks, the flowers on lush meadows emit a glorious fragrance, and the clear water of a mountain stream babbles in the background - experience all of this when you go hiking in Kuchl. Enjoy the clean air and explore nature that is truly unique. Amid the majestic alpine world surrounding Kuchl, hiking becomes an unforgettable adventure.
In the Tennengau Hiking Map & Guide, you will find numerous suggestions and tips for your hiking tour in Kuchl near Salzburg - pick up your personal copy at the Kuchl tourist office!


Top Hiking Tips in Kuchl

Discover a vast array of opportunities, from leisurely strolls with your family to extended tours with plenty of challenges along the way. Here we have compiled a number of our top tips to tease you with.

  • Georgenberg in KuchlGeorgenberg
    The Georgenberg is a small paradise right in the middle of Kuchl, with so much for big & small to discover on and around this island mountain: from St. George's filial church to the Schatzloch cave and beautiful forest paths.
    Pleasant footpaths take you around and up the mountain, from where you can enjoy great views of Kuchl and the Göll Massif.


  • Bürgerausee
    A relaxing stroll around the Bürgerausee, perhaps even pushing along a pram if you wish, is ideal for our youngest hikers especially. The lake path is barely 1.5 km long. Fun and a nice change of pace are provided by the big playground on
    the lake's north shore as well as the Kneipp facilities on the southern shore.


  • Nesslangeralm
    Beautifully situated at the foot of the Rossfeld, you have two options for reaching the Nesslangeralm:
    - from the Hochschaufler along path No. 100 (about a 90-minute walk, intermediate difficulty)
    - from the bridge over the Salzach in town, via promenade path No. 21 and the Alter Almweg No. 451a
      (about a 2.5 hr. hike, intermediate)


  • Purtschellerhaus
    PurtschellerhausFor more ambitious hikers, a great tour at the foot of the Hoher Göll! From the town center (car park next to the Salzach bridge) via Gasteig (path No. 20) to Schwalberbauer Farm. From here, a climb, steep at times, via the Dürrfeichtenalm and Eckersattel to the Purtschellerhaus. (about 3.5 hrs., intermediate)

    Variant: By car on the Rossfeld scenic road (toll road) to the Ahornkaser, and from there a hike of about 90 minutes to the Purtschellerhaus.


  • Salzalpensteig
    A 230 km hiking tour in 18 stages, from Prien on Lake Chiemsee all the way to Hallstatt.
    Individual day tours add to your hiking experiences. The Kuchl tour, for example, leads from the town center via Schleierfall waterfall and the Truckenthannalm to the Nesslangeralm before returning you to your original starting point. Additional information is available from the Kuchl tourist office 
    or direct from the Salzalpensteig website!


We invite you to peruse the interactive Tennengau hiking map and discover your next hiking destination!

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