The SalzAlpenSteig is an outstanding long-distance hiking trail that takes you in 18 daily stages a total of 230 km, from Bavaria via Salzburg and all the way into Upper Austria.

A wonderful opportunity to hike through a variety of very different regions,

taking you along ancient pathways and back in history, to a time when salt was a valuable commodity and justifiably nicknamed "White Gold".

Experienced trekkers will be every bit as excited by this trail as nature lovers and day hikers. With 39 access points along the route, 24 day tours and 1 multi-day tour, there is a perfect hike for everyone, no matter what your taste or physical condition. Breathtaking natural landscapes and great destinations are guaranteed on every single stage!

SalzAlpenSteig - Winner of the Zipfer Tourism Award 2016   zipfer tourismuspreis logo
Facts & Figures

Total Length: 230 km
Start/Finish in Bavaria: Prien on Lake Chiemsee
Start/Finish in Austria: Obertraun
No. of Daily Stages: 18
Hiking Tours: 25


Kuchl lies on stage: 11

pdf button Stage 11: Hallein - Bad Dürrnberg to Golling

pdf button Kuchl Tour

Full, detailed information about this quality-certified hiking trail can be found on the homepage of the SalzAlpenSteig.