Today morning Temperature: -2°C/28°F Sunshine: 10% Freezing level: 0m
Today afternoon Temperature: 0°C/32°F Sunshine: 10% Freezing level: 600m
Sunday Temperature: -1°C/30°F Sunshine: 10% Freezing level: 400m
Monday Temperature: 0°C/32°F Sunshine: 0% Freezing level: 700m


Low pressure has spread over Europe; in addition to that, cold, humid air is moving into our region! As this humid air is arriving from the north, it is building up here on the north side of the Alps. The weather conditions will therefore be unstable on Saturday: We will see heavy cloud with occasional snowfall.


The next few days will not bring any significant changes in the weather. Humid, cool air masses will keep pushing into our region from the north. Thick clouds will produce snowfall.