Today morning Temperature: 11°C/52°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 3200m
Today afternoon Temperature: 20°C/68°F Sunshine: 70% Freezing level: 3300m
Sunday Temperature: 24°C/75°F Sunshine: 70% Freezing level: 4500m
Monday Temperature: 15°C/59°F Sunshine: 60% Freezing level: 2500m


After the disturbances of last night, the day will start rather cloudy with maybe a few spots of rain. During the morning, the sun will come through and in the afternoon we will get the best weather of the day. Highs will be around the seasonal average.


Sunday and Monday will bring once again changeable and windiy weather. On Tuesday, the Azores high will stretch over Central Europe allowing an improvement in the weather.