Today morning Temperature: -2°C/28°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 0m
Today afternoon Temperature: 7°C/45°F Sunshine: 90% Freezing level: 2700m
Saturday Temperature: 5°C/41°F Sunshine: 50% Freezing level: 1700m
Sunday Temperature: 4°C/39°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 1600m


The weather could not be better at the moment! Early clouds and a few fog banks will fade away in the morning and give way to sunny, cloudless skies all day long. Temperatures will stay the same as yesterday.


On Saturday and Sunday, a weather front will pass over our region bringing cooler maritime air and clouds to our region. On Monday, however, we will see a return to sunny high pressure weather! It will be bright and mild.