Kuchl is situated in a region full of culinary delights, regional specialities and farm-fresh delicacies. Discover the two magnificent gourmet products "Tennengau alpine cheese" and "Tennengau mountain lamb" on a culinary tour of the Tennengau region. 18 gourmet inns, 8 alpine pastures, 6 alpine cheeseries and 7 gourmet friends invite you to savour regional delicacies all over the Tennengau region.


Cheese workshops

Fresh farmhouse bread

Fresh cheese hearts at Fürstenhof organic farm shop

Cheese workshop at Fürstenhof


For generations, only the very best milk has been lovingly turned into cheese on cheese pastures and in the alpine cheeseries in Tennengau. And the quality is there in the taste: the cheese varieties available to discover range from mild to strong, from cow's milk to goat's cheese.

Kuchl is home to a very special alpine cheesery: the Fürstenhof organic cheesery produces over 30 full-flavoured raw milk cheeses. Milk of the highest purity and choice seasoning ensure delicious organic cheese with a unique taste! The whey obtained during cheese production is processed into wonderfully beneficial cosmetics that pamper and enrich your skin with pure, natural ingredients.

Like Tennengau alpine cheese, Tennengau lamb is also a gourmet speciality from the region. At various gourmet inns, hearty dishes are prepared from the wholesome meat, and everyone goes to the farm shop to buy their favourite cut to take home.

Tennengau gourmet vouchers


Tennengau gourmet vouchers – treat your loved ones!
You can't go wrong with Tennengau gourmet vouchers.
The gourmet vouchers can be redeemed at 40 gourmet partners in Tennengau, so the enjoyment goes even further. At the alpine cheesery, in an award-winning restaurant, with gourmet friends or in a gourmet inn - your nearest and dearest can choose where to redeem the wide range of vouchers!

The gourmet vouchers are available from the Kuchl Tourism Association. The Jadorferwirt restaurant in Kuchl is also a gourmet inn and a flagship of Austria's gourmet region. This accolade only goes to those who insist on regional and seasonal products and practise Austrian hospitality of the highest quality.