The Kuchl Holzgemeinde association is a success story of cooperation between business, training institutions, the population and politics. The unique nature of the largest wood educational programme in Europe meets a mixture of small and medium-sized organisations in a market town with great leisure and recreational value for residents and guests. The Kuchl Holzgemeinde association creates tangible and intangible added value – people and wood are the focus when it comes to developing the town. Kuchl was named the most wood-friendly community in Austria in 2017.

Kuchl Holzgemeinde association statue

On the Kuchl campus, more than 1,500 students dedicate themselves to the topic of wood education and research. Kuchl has been continuously increasing its proportion of wooden structures for years. A rural cooperative operates a wood chip heating plant, which supplies all public buildings and more than 190 properties with heating and hot water. And last but not least, events such as the wonderful wood festival and the wood treasure hunt, as well as appealing forest paths and tree trails, highlight the versatility of wood and help to keep the local population informed.

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Kuchl Holzgemeinde association


Shop regionally with HOLZGEMEINDE VOUCHERS. Available at the Tourism Association and the Kuchl community office.

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