Wild mountain river, Taugl

The Tauglbach is a torrent with deep ravines and a shallow lower course that originates in Tauglboden in the Osterhorngruppe mountain region. The Taugl nature conservation area is a real paradise where you can relax, explore, walk, swim and play. In some areas, crystal-clear water forces itself through a narrow gorge, while in others it flows across wide sections of river. Shortly before the Roman bridge, the water plunges to form a waterfall. An extensive hike can take you from Kuchl to Taugl, but you can also get to this magnificent destination on an exciting bike ride or by car via Unterlangenberg heading in the direction of Tauglgries.


A bridge needed to be built over the Taugl ravine. It was said that only the devil himself would be able to build such a structural feat. The people asked him for help. The devil's condition was that the pregnant miller from the former mill would give him her child if the bridge was completed before the birth. The miller gave birth to her child just before the last stone was laid. The devil was furious and felt he had been robbed of the child. He made a claim to the first living creature that crossed the bridge. The miller was cunning and chased a cat over the bridge. The devil flew into a rage. In his anger, he threw the last stone for the bridge into the ravine. When you look down from the bridge, you can still see the devil's stone lying there to this day.

Roman bridge in Kuchl

Moder mill Taugl

Roman bridge of the Taugelbach