Kuchl Georgenberg

Georgenberg is not just an "inselberg" with steeply rising rock faces: it is also a unique spot for regeneration and rejuvenation in nature. Leisurely walking routes lead along the asphalted road around Georgenberg and onto the mountain itself. Explorers can also use our hiking trails through the woods – but please note that these are not suitable for pushchairs. If you look closely, you'll spot caverns, northern bald ibises, caves, forest trails and, right at the top of the mountain, the daughter church of St Georg. The historically listed church features late Gothic architecture, but it has a long history and has taken on many different forms in its time.

The Celts identified Georgenberg as the perfect place to settle, with its steeply rising rock faces and the far-reaching views out towards Kuchl and the Göll massif. Colonisation can be traced back to the Neolithic period, and there is scientific evidence of the Celtic settlement. The Roman road visible from the mountain still shows the course of the former road to Salzburg. Visit the Kuchl Museum where you can find out more about archaeological discoveries and see special exhibitions on Georgenberg!


Parking is available at the community centre (P1) or on Severinplatz (P2). Pay attention to the parking durations and display a parking disc. From the centre, go along Georgenbergstrasse towards Georgenberg. You will see Georgenberg and the daughter church from a distance. Walk around Georgenberg or follow the gentle walking route no.1 onto Georgenberg.

Hiking trails through Kuchl


The northern bald ibis is one of the rarest bird species in the world! The aim of the project is the resettlement of the northern bald ibis in our region. It's possible to observe the birds and watch their eggs hatch at the hatchery on the Georgenberg rock face. Find out more at

Georgenberg clock

Northern bald ibises in Kuchl, Georgenberg

Northern bald ibis site on Georgenberg, Kuchl