Gerhard Wolf was one of the most successful fossil collectors in the SalzburgerLand. He wasfascinated by fossilised “lizardfish” and shark teeth from the Haunsberg as well as sea urchins and nautilus from Adnet and the Osterhorngruppe. The passionate collector has set up a small fossil museum at “Wolfburg”, his house by the Roman bridge in Kuchl.

What is a fossil? A fossil is the petrified remains of an animal or plant that lived more than 10,000 years ago. The organism must have been covered by material either while it was alive or soon after death. No decomposition occurs in this low-oxygen environment. This is the essential condition for preservation.

Fossil collection snails

Fossilised snails

Fossil collection, fossilised snails

Fossilised animal teeth


Gerhard Wolf's fossil collection
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