The Kuchl Museum is located right next to the magnificent parish church on Severinplatz. Take a look behind the scenes and go on a journey through the history of our town, discover our traditions and experience our customs that are still practised to this day. And the information is anything but dry – inquisitive visitors can expect interestingly presented historical displays and unique exhibits.

Special exhibition: Where we stand – discoveries made in Kuchl. This exhibition takes a closer look at Kuchl's excavation history to date and the museum's "Georgenberg archaeology" project, which involves active research into Kuchl's settlement history.

Artwork by the artist Josef Zenzmaier

Bronze figure by Josef Zenzmaier

Castellum Cucullis


May to October
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays
3 p.m. to 6 p.m.




Adults €4,–
Seniors and students €2,–
Guided tours €30,–
Free entry: Children up to the age of 16, members of the Kuchl museum association, the Salzburg Museum Association and the Salzburg Museum.


Museum Kuchl
Markt 24c, Severinplatz
5431 Kuchl

Phone +43 6244 30386

Cave exhibition at Kuchl Museum

Exhibition at Kuchl Local History Museum

Northern bald ibis exhibition in Kuchl