Gurrer mill in Kuchl is a hidden gem that has survived for centuries. It is located in Oberweissenbach, just past Holzerhof stud farm. This magical mill complex, right next to Schwarzenbach waterfall (also known as Golling waterfall), is open to the public. Lovingly restored in 2015, the mill is in full working order. Originally, there were 7 mills here - generally owned by farming collectives - that turned the locally grown grain into flour. The steep gradient of the Schwarzenbach accounts for the large number of mills in such a small area. Following the foot-friendly trail, hikers and walkers can reach the mill in approx. 45 minutes from the centre of Kuchl. Other trails also lead from there towards Gasteig, Kühschwalb and the Bluntau Valley.


Gurrer mill waterwheel

Gurrer mill Kuchl



Parking is available at the lakeside car park or at the secondary school. Head from the town centre towards the Salzach bridge, turn left there and follow the road towards Oberweissenbach. At the junction by Züger sawmill and the chapel, turn left into Grifftererweg and follow Wiesenweg (alternatively, you can also get there via the paved road towards the mill). Just before St Nikolaus's Church, which is visible from a distance on a rocky plateau, turn right onto Steinerweg and Kösslweg, go past Holzerhof stud farm and follow the signs to the waterfall and Gurrer mill.

Hiking trails through Kuchl