Right in the heart of Kuchl, you'll find a green oasis where you can cool off in the hot summer months. The Bürgerausee, a perfectly situated lake for swimming, is a paradise for big and small and young and old. Dive into the cold water, take a leisurely paddle or spend a few relaxing hours on the shores of the lake. This attractive and free recreational area has plenty to offer:


Kneipp therapy area Kuchl

Bürgerausee Kuchl

Swimming in the Bürgerausee


      • Areas for sunbathing with shady spots underneath the trees surrounding the lake.

      • 1.5 km circular route around the lake.

      • Comfortable benches and tables.

      • Large adventure playground.

      • A maze made from reeds.

      • Gravelled area next to the water with water play equipment.

      • Beach volleyball court.

      • Skate park.


  • Callisthenics workout area.

  • Surfing wave in the Salzach.

  • Kneipp therapy area.

  • Therapy steps.

  • Wave loungers.

  • Leisurely hiking trail across meadows to Golling.

  • Kiosk with drinks, snacks and ice cream.

  • Toilets.

Swimming in the Bürgerausee

Beach volleyball court in Kuchl

River surfing in Kuchl, Tennengau