Traditions and customs can be found all over Kuchl in SalzburgerLand. Amid the modern town, long-held customs are maintained and passed on from generation to generation. The 50 local associations are particularly involved in preserving these traditions.



A particularly special festival is celebrated in Kuchl on the Monday after the birth of the Virgin Mary: the Schusterjahrtag. Kuchl's trade guild gathered on this day at the guild lodge, the Goldene Stiege inn. This special tradition is now carried out at the “Römischer Keller” inn in order to “absolve” the newly-qualified apprentices from the sins of their apprenticeship. After proclaiming “Long live the honourable Kuchl trade guild”, the new crop of journeymen and master craftsmen receive their certificates.


Schusterjahrtag awards

Schusterjahrtag service

Schusterjahrtag trade guild


Harvest celebrations in Kuchl are particularly festive. In a festive procession, the Kuchl associations, including the riflemen, the band and the rural youth association, parade into Marktstrasse. They are accompanied by a fine harvest crown, handed over by the Kuchl rural youth association.


Harvest festival riflemen

Harvest festival floral decorations

Kuchl harvest festival parade


Lively festival activities in our town are arranged by the well-known Kuchl carnival guild Naracucula. The guild has been pulling out all the stops in the carnival season ever since 1975, organising numerous dances, fancy-dress balls and carnival parades in Kuchl.

We look forward to welcoming you with the traditional local carnival greeting: “Semmei, Semmei, Semmei”!


Naracucula opening ceremony

Naracucula festivities

Naracucula dancing couple


Whip-cracking on horseback takes real skill. The riding & whip-cracking group was formed in 1962 to keep alive this special tradition, a popular feature of many festive occasions in Kuchl.


Harvest festival whip decorations

Harvest festival whip-crackers

Riding harvest festival whip-crackers Kuchl

Christmas customs, gun salute to the Christ Child


The gun salute to the Christ Child is a Christmas custom in the state of Salzburg with a long tradition. The practice of shooting during the Christmas period and on many other joyous occasions has survived to this day. Previously, this long-standing custom was a ritual in which the loud noise banished all evil ahead of the Christmas festival. These days, the high-volume heralding of Christmas is chiefly an expression of joy. So at midday on 24 December at the wayside cross and on Christmas Day after vespers at the parish centre, the guns ring out in Kuchl to herald the birth of Christ.

Peace Light


These days, the Peace Light travels through around 30 countries in Europe. It is a special symbol of the hope and desire for peace. The official handover of the Peace Light to the Salzburg Young Fire Brigade happens each year on 23 December in all districts. From there, the individual youth groups carry the Peace Light to their local fire station, where it is distributed on 24 December. The Peace Light initiative of the Youth Fire Brigade has become a tradition. In Kuchl, the Peace Light is distributed outside Kuchl Parish Church, with reflective musical accompaniment from Kuchl’s band.

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