Bürgerausee tree trail in Kuchl

The educational tree trail around Bürgerausee is a leisurely walking route for the whole family that is around 1.5 km long and suitable for pushchairs. On your way, you will discover all there is to know about our trees surrounding the lake. Over 20 info panels provide details about horse chestnuts, hawthorns, mountain ash, birches and many other varieties along the route. A popular route for old and young with a walking time of just 30 minutes.


Have you already seen our educational book about wood for kids? Woody, the friendly tree, teaches children and adults alike everything there is to know about the forest, trees and wood. And, of course, Woody tells you about all our trees that can be found around Bürgerausee. Beautifully illustrated and superbly written, including entertaining puzzles. Pay a visit to the Kuchl Tourism Association to see the book for yourself. A perfect gift to take home with you at a price of € 20.

Woody, the educational book about wood for kids